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Cheap drinks & eats

Hey there!

A posse of us folks from Buffalo State College are gonna be in your fair city for the next couple days. Give us tips on where the cheap beer is at; we're all anthropology majors, and as such we're an awfully thirsty bunch... And any cheap places to eat (besides the usual chain crap) would be great, especially someplace that at least has a vegan option on the menu. (I mean, I could settle for veggie dogs from street vendors as every meal of the day, but yaknow, it'd be nice to have a sit-down option...) Chinese, Thai/Vietnamese, Indian food a plus.

It's not that none of us have been to Toronto before. It's that every time we have been, we end up drinking and/or eating at a tourist trap. Eww. Please tell me it's possible to drink at a place where it doesn't cost $5 per Molson. FIVE BUCKS FOR A MOLSON. JESUS. Please tell me that ain't normal. It would also be great to find a bar or pub that serves local microbrewed beer.

Similar inquiries have been x-posted all over the place; sorry 'bout that...
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