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Toronto bar and club directory

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Clueless in Toronto [19 Jan 2009|02:16pm]

[ mood | sweet ]

My colleagues and I decided to take a vacation leave and spend the remaining days of the month in a place where we can totally party and relax and get our butts off our bar stools in the office. We thought of choosing one place from our list, and Toronto was our ultimate pick. We have arranged our flight reservations, but we haven't decided yet where to stay in the area. One of my workmates requested if we could get a hotel near the best places in Toronto, like clubs, restaurants etc, but we don't have any idea. I'm sure you guys can give us valuable tips about the place, and if you can provide a list of the coolest bars and clubs to visit in Toronto, please include them. Thanks in advance!

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vacationing in toronto. [11 Apr 2008|02:23pm]

My three girlfriends and I are vacationing in Toronto sometime over the summer. We are nineteen and I am interested in clubs and bars you guys think we should hit up while we are there!
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Thurs March 6 - Funhaus - Queen West Fire FUNdraiser - Toronto [03 Mar 2008|10:07am]


Funhaus is one of the lucky businesses on the North side of Queen West that was unscathed by the fire. It is now time to help our neighbours in the best way we can by doing what we do best; throwing a party to help raise funds. Funhaus puts the FUN in FUNdraiser.

Lets show Toronto how Queen Street can band together to help their own during this time of tragedy. Please bring donations of money for the Queen Street Relief Fund. Please note: we DO NOT need anymore clothing donations.

Please spread the word through emails, facebook, myspace, livejournal and newspapers.

Thursday March 6, 2008
Queen Street Fire Fundraiser
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West
9pm-3am 19+

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus, Dwight, DragNFly, & Woodstock (retro, electronic, alternative, britpop)
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Derex Hangover Cure [07 Mar 2007|02:47pm]

My Apologies to the moderators of this community if this is inapproriate.

Since this is a community for "Toronto Bars and clubs" I figured some of you might benefit from this hangover cure!

I'm not trying to spam you, just trying to ease that throbbing pain in your head when you wake up the next day!

Drinking is fun, but not so fun when you wake up with a killer hangover...

why not keep the fun going and cure yourself of hangover symptoms!

Check out our website:

just remember hair of the dog doesn't help your liver out. But Derex Hangover Cure does!

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Sat Jan 27 - PANIC retro party with The Cure Fest 2007 - Toronto [24 Jan 2007|11:50am]


Don't miss out on the fun this Saturday at PANIC - Toronto's busiest retro party. The backroom will be the annual The Cure Fest. Use thi sopportunity to mess up your hair and smear on some eye liner and lipstick.

Saturday January 27, 2007
PANIC - the ultimate retro party with The Cure Fest 2007
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
10pm-4am 19+ event
FREE before 11pm $5 after

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus (retro 80's & 90's, classic alternatives, new wave, ska, dance, britpop, retro electro, manchester, industrial, one hit wonders & requests) with guest DJ Shawn MacDonald
Backroom: The Cure Fest 2007 with DJ Griz (a night playing The Cure, sideprojects, covers, and remixes. Lots of The Cure visuals as well.)
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Sat July 29 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party with Joy Division / New Order Fest - Toronto [27 Jul 2006|12:28pm]

Do you like cool music? Do you like to have fun? Then you will love PANIC. Get your ass out this Saturday night to Toronto's busiest and best retro party. The mainroom plays a wicked mix of retro 80's & early 90's, new wave, classic alternatives, original remixes, brit, manchester, and a few one hit wonders. Oh Yeah. The backroom will be a New Order/Joy Division Fest.

Saturday July 29, 2006
PANIC - the ultimate retro party
Funhaus - 526 Queen St W - Toronto
10pm-4am 19+ event
FREE before 11pm ONLY $5 after

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus (retro 80's and 90's, classic alternatives, new wave, brit, manchester, original remixes, and more)
Backroom: New Order / Joy Division Fest with DJ Griz

Next PANIC Sat Aug 26 with a Retro Rap Backroom
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Every Sunday - Rock N' Retro - NO COVER & $2.50 drinks - Toronto [13 Jul 2006|01:50pm]

One of the coolest new nights in the Toronto club scene happens every Sunday at Funhaus.
Rock N' Retro Sundays plays wicked tunes from the 80's, 90's, alternative, new rock, indie and brit. The backroom is one of Toronto's ONLY weekly electro nights with DJ's Phink and Jimi LaMort. There is NO COVER and $2.50 drinks until midnight. The playlist will be eclectic and fun every week so come on by and make a request. I have included a playlist from last Sunday July 8 below the LJ cut.

Rock N' Retro Sundays
Funhaus - 526 Queen St W. - Toronto
10pm-3am 19+ event
**NO COVER** & $2.50 drinks til midnight

Mainroom: DJ's Lazarus & Woodstock (retro 80's,90's,alternative,indie,&brit)
Backroom: DJ's Phink & Jimi LaMort (electro & ebm)

Playlist from Rock N Retro Sundays - July 8
playlist july 8 - undercutCollapse )
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[06 Jul 2006|04:08pm]


SO hot!

 Here are some of the events lined up this July at Not My Dog, keep checking the website for more

 Roving Minstrel Cam de Laat will be hosting the EVERYBODY’s GOT A SONG series each Wednesday this month. Weather permitting we will have it on the patio as well.

Don’t forget Movie Night on the Patio every Tuesday weather permitting at dusk

 Sat July 8thDJ Scotch returns (9pm), spinning the rarest of rock and soul groove. From  11pm to midnite his band White Van Speaker Scam will be playing their new material from their upcoming album. Its rock music like you’ve never heard before. It is also a celebration of DJ Scotch’s B-day, so there will be no holding back…DIG!


 Fri July 14thLucid Barbara  will be playing the Dog. PLEASE take a listen to their music and come out  .

lucid barbara slips between the china and the pocket, moving in minor 3rds and 5ths and semi-tone shifts a little like ray davies meets howlin' wolf. band members frequently report interludes of lost time while playing and slip around being all done out. the joy of making rock music is the juice.”

www.myspace.com/lucidbarbara  9pm

 Sat July 15thPEEK art Opening  9pm. We welcome our next artist’s monthly showcase and bar vibe revolver. He will be displaying 6 pieces of his “Stencil Graffiti”.

Currently we have Saugot’s art wok showcasing photos of the Naga Babas ( Holy Naked men)  in Veranasi, India.

 See the NMD website for a glimpse at Peek’s work .  

 Thurs July 20thHEAVY ETHICS – the oh so original and impromptu trio, will keep you guessing and mesmerize you with their rock-classical-jazz-progtastic  flow. 9pm

 Fri July 21st-  Box full of Cash- Could it get any hotter in the bar . The man in black tribute band attack on the box player’s birthday. 10pm

 Sat July 22ndJake Chisholm from the Toronto staple , Jake and the Blue Midnights will serenade us on the patio  9pm

 Sat July 29thCocaine Karaoke- rules! Come naked

 Sun July 30th- The Soap Box series flexes the Parkdale writers muscle from atop a Soap BOX . 4pm to 6pm on the patio weather permitting

 Sun July 30thUBER HUSSY- three Rock Cabaret Sirens play a wurli, two guitars and sing their faces off  8pm


T and Russ


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Fri July 7 - Vampire Beach Babes (live) @ Funhaus (early show) [06 Jul 2006|03:34pm]



After the early concert will be Fringe Fridays with DJ Lazarus. http://www.djlazarus.com
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Starting Sunday July 2 - Rock N' Retro Sundays @ Funhaus - Toronto [29 Jun 2006|11:04am]

I am excited to announce a new weekly Sunday event that starts this long weekend, July 2, called Rock N' Retro.
Rock N' Retro Sundays is a night that will mix the music of the past with the music of the present and future. Finally a night where you can hear your favourite classic tracks mixed in with the freshest sounds. From Joy Division to Interpol to Pop Will Eat Itself to Nine Inch Nails to She Wants Revenge to The Cure to The Killers to Hole to Metric to New Order to Ladytron to to Nirvana to White Stripes to Pulp to Gorillaz to (old) Depeche Mode to (new) Depeche Mode. You get the picture. It will be a night of retro from the 80's and 90's mixed with new rock, alternative, and indie from now. You will hear lots of tracks you will not hear at any other club in Toronto. Put on your dancing shoes, make a request, buy a drink, and get prepared to dance all night long.
The backroom every Sunday will be an electro/ebm room with DJ Phink. So if you want to get down to some dirty beats then Sunday is also your best bet. There is 'no cover' and drinks are $2.50 until midnight. So make Funhaus your NEW Sunday destination for some Rock N' Retro.

Every Sunday starting July 2, 2006
Rock N' Retro Sundays
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
10pm-3am 19+ event
**NO COVER** $2.50 drinks until midnight
http://www.djlazarus.com for event info

mainroom: DJ Lazarus & Woodstock (retro 80's & 90's, new rock, alternative, & indie)
backroom: DJ Phink (electro and ebm)
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Frinday June 9 - Fringe Fridays - NO BANDS - $2.50 drinks doors @ 10pm [08 Jun 2006|11:51am]

Fringe Fridays, Toronto's most eclectic new rock/alternative night, play lots of music you will not hear at a live-to-air night and always plays tons of your requests. There are NO BANDS performing an early show tonight which means the doors open at 10pm. Yippee! So $2.50 drinks & beers will pour from 10pm until midnight. As always there is NO COVER.

Fringe Fridays
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
10pm-3am 19+ event
**NO COVER** $2.50 drinks until midnight

Mainroom: DJ Lazarus (new rock, alternative, retro 90's, electronica)
Backroom: Miz Fortune (classic metal to extreme metal)

Some of the bands you will hear:
marilyn manson, nine inch nails, kmfdm, ministry, depeche mode, system of a down, garbage, beatsie boys, vnv nation, green day, nirvana, red hot chili peppers, beck, franz ferdinand, the killers, skinny puppy, radiohead, offspring, placebo, alic ein chains, the cure, smashing pumkins, rob zombie, faith o more, covenant, korn, deftones, coldpaly, rapture, linkin park, butthole surfers, apoptygma berzerk, new order, c-tec, breeders, blur, suede, U2, interlace, muse, hole, portishead, mindless self indulgence, nitzer ebb, pop will eat itself, billy idol, pearl jam, stone temple pilots, bush, sublime, jane's addiction, weezer, tea party, prodigy, underworld, oasis, chemical brothers, evanescence, jet, disturbed, papa roach, filter, hocico, a perfect circle, tool, white stripes, soundgarden, interpol, stabbing westward, no doubt, orgy, rem, primus, haujobb, rammstein, bigod 20, project pitchfork, wumpscut, massive attack, audislave, cake, gorillaz, foo fighters, incubus, limp bizkit, rage againts the machine, porno for pyros, slipknot, catherine wheel, ned's atomic dustbin, queens of the stoneage, front 242, the hives, david bowie, she wants revenge, concrete blonde, sisters of mercy, love & rockets, metallica, killing joke, pixies, velvet revolver, bjork, elastica, godsmack, siouxsie and the banshess, rancid, stone roses, fugazi, skindred, sneaker pimps, monster magnet, white zombie, revolting cocks, and many more, plus your requests.
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[06 Jun 2006|08:48am]


Here is whats happening at Not My Dog this June

 First of all the patio is in full swing. NOW Magazine, after naming the Dog one of Toronto’s most essential bars, has also propped us in the top 50 patio’s in Toronto.

We are very grateful. See the website for the reviews.

 The Events so far -

 Sat June 10th- DJ Scottch revisits his monthly throne ( usually the first Sat of every month barring any national Holidays). What he spins , the music lover needs.  9pm

Sunday June 11th  Soap Box Series- High atop a Soap Box, local writers share their comedic take on life spouting original poetry and scripts. 4pm -6pm

Thurs June 15th – Heavy Ethics return with their prog-aggro-jazz-rock-a-thon. They have the chops and rarely rehearse for an eclectic and impromptu sound.8.30pm

Friday June 16th- Box Full Of Cash—Somebody say Salooon!? 10pm

Saturday June 17th  - Kristine & Julian from the Backstabbers, perform their original barrel house blues. ( tentative)

Thursday June 22 – Fringe Festival party $5 after 9pm

Friday June 23rd- Lara Macmillan - Teacher by day, torch songstress by this eve. Lara shares her husky originals with her sweet vocals and smile.

June 24th – Cocaine Karaoke RULEZ

June 25th- UBER HUSSY- All female Cabaret Rock Crooners.

 Jake Chisolm of Jake and the Blue Midnight fame to frequent a set on the patio as well..


-Open Mic on Wednesday ( we are looking for a host ….if you know of any one send ‘em our way).

-Check out a flick on the patio every Tuesday at 8pm.

-See rare live footage of various hot rock gospel to inspire on Sundays eg. Stevie Wonder on Sesame street 1970s, Harry Nillson on Playboy after dark , Sly vs Mohammed Ali, Clash in San Bernadino 1983 etc. Take a gander at our selection when you come in and we’ll put it on screen for you.

-Pops and Mavis


 PLEASE NOTE – Not my Dog will also be subletting a vegetarian café on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 to 4 pm. Joanne and Kezia will be running their Cat Face Café on these days. Please check it out.

 Cat Face Cafe

The cafe offers vegetarian and vegan snacks and light goodies. Featuring the enormously successful granola from Virgo Rising, the cafe provides a gluten-free granola as well as power muffins, coffee, vegetarian and dairy-free brownies. The menu will change frequently so drop in and check out the specials. Eat in or grab on the run.


 See you soon and have a great June

1510 Queen Street West

1 body shotsit at the bar

Fringe Fridays @ Funhaus New Rock, Alternative, Indie, Retro 90's, Electronica - Toronto [25 May 2006|09:33am]


Join us every Friday for rockin' tunes, cheap drinks, and hundreds of alternative people. No other night in the city will play a mix of music like you will hear on Friday nights at Funhaus. Last weeks playlist is posted below. Note most of the playlist is made up of requests. Come on out and hear your song played on Queen Streets best sound system (38,000 watts).

Fringe Fridays
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
10pm-3am - $2.50 drinks before midnight

mainroom: DJ Lazarus (new rock, alternative, indie, retro 90's, electronica)
backroom: DJ Miz Fortune (clasic metal to extreme metal)

Fringe Friday Playlist - May 19 - Below CutCollapse )
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Not My Dog Update [02 May 2006|02:51pm]

1510 Queen St W. (by Lansdowne)

This Tuesday May 2nd…we start our weekly movie nights on the patio. Along with a new PA and kick ass projector we will be

Inaugurating this night with the always thought provoking The Cannon Ball Run . 8 pm start

Make sure you call the bar for future movie night features….On deck, Blazing Saddles, Any Which way but Loose, Smokey and the bandit..oh the fun

May 6 9pm - DJ SCottch blames it on the boogie with the Saturday Scotch Years ...an old soul spinning the rare and divine. Accompanied with gorgeous movie kitch on the screen above. This will continue on the first Saturday of every month.

May 19, 10pm - Box Full of Cash ... A tribute to the man in black , featuring a box, a standup bass, a honky-tonk piana, and guitarist extraordinaire Chris Lord. How do they fit in the cozy li’l space and turn the bar into a g’damn Saloon….come see for your self.. They also do great justice to Dave Brubek’s

May 11 9 pm to 10.30 pm - Heavy Ethics ... Jazz, classical, funk, prog, rock and an erect sense of humor flow through this act. This talent steamrolling drum, bass and piano combo features James Scott who is our resident DJ

May 25th- Richard and Ryan perform buffalo Springfield and Neil Young goodies along with some original stirrings. Original and heartfelt voices that need to be experienced in this intimate venue

May 27 - Cocaine Kareoke VI ... Good God , Old skeea, soul , dirty funk….Always end the month with a BANG!

May 28 4 to 6 pm - Soap box Series ... Monthly comedy writing series. Local writers perform their original material from

a soap box from 4pm to 6pm.

May 28, 8 pm - Uber Hussy ...

A mix between a saloon brawl and a debutante’s ball, Über Hussy is made of members Patsy Doots, Calamity Royale, and Billy the Id. Fusing three genres of music, Über Hussy is bluegrass, chunk folk, and cabaret.

Every show is slightly debaucherous, endearing, honest, and always entertaining. They came together in October of 2005 and have been blazing a trail of Sunday sacrilege ever since. Though they’ll be playing various venues around Toronto, the Hussies will be instigating mischief and mayhem touring the east coast this summer.

See you there
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Sat May 6 - DARKRAVE v.75 w/ Ghost Television (live) Backroom: Hardore/Jungle War - Toronto [02 May 2006|10:57am]


Saturday May 6, 2006
Funhaus - 526 Queen St. West - Toronto
Doors @ 10pm 19+ event
$5 before 11pm $10 after

Ghost Televsion (live) - http://www.churchofrobot.com
Flim (techno) http://www.djflim.com
Razorgrrl (industrial noise) http://www.razorgrrl.com
Phink (psytrance)
Lazarus (ebm/industrial) http://www.djlazarus.com

Backroom: Hardcore/Jungle War
C-10 (dark jungle & dirty drum n bass)
B7 (industrial hardcore) http://www.thenameisembryon.com

DARKRAVE - Dark Beats for a Dark Future
Next DARKRAVE is Saturday June 3, 2006
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Thurs April 13 - Birthday Massacre (live) at EBM Thursdays - Funhaus - Toronto [11 Apr 2006|11:39am]

This Thursday April 13th catch Metropolis Recording artist The Birthday Massacre for a their homecoming show of the Broken Minds Tour after extensive touring in the US.
The Birthday Massacre are becoming a huge musical sensation all around the world so come and see them in an intimate venue before they only play stadium shows. ;)

Thursday April 13, 2006
The Birthday Massacre
with special guests Les Six and II Attire
Funhaus - 526 Queen St West - Toronto
doors at 8pm (shows over at 11pm)
**ALL AGES** ONLY $10 at the door

Starting at 11pm there will be *NO COVER*, $2.50 drinks, and Funhaus will become 19+ only for EBM Thursday with DJ Lazarus playing the greatest mix of beat driven tunes tunes in the city. Frinday is a holiday so check out Toronto's newest night for the alternative people. The backroom will be DJ Phink playing psytrance.
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Not My Dog Update [07 Apr 2006|09:06am]


Hey Folks

We made it through the winter…spring is upon us, its going to get warmer and we can’t wait to see you enjoying a drink and the fly tunes on our patio.


Here is whats happening at the bar so far…



Every Wednesday- Everybody’s got a Song…open  mic. Great talents coming through and blessing the bar…keep it coming!


Friday April 7th- Box Full of Cash – A tribute to the man in black , featuring a box, a standup bass, a honky-tonk piana, and guitarist extraordinaire Chris Lord.

How do they fit in the cozy li’l space and turn the bar into a g’damn Saloon….come see for your self.. They also do great justice to Dave Brubek’s Take Five. 


Thurs, April 20th- Heavy Ethics - Jazz, classical, funk, prog, rock and an erect sense of humor flow through this act. The original drum, bass and piano combo features James Scott who is our resident DJ .  DJ Scotch will be spinning the boogie on the first Saturday of every month


Sunday, April 23rd- Soap box Series – Monthly comdey writing series. Local writers perform their original material from a soap box,,,4pm to 6pm


Thurs, Aptil 27th Lara Macmillan & guests- Our Open Mic night was privileged enough to have this artist drop in..and after hearing her voice and songs, she needs a night to herself. Doing double duty on piano and guitar with accompanying musicians Lara will sing for you. ( think a heavier and more soulful Sarah Slean)


Friday, April 28th One heartfelt Friday  - “Any day now, Any day now .. I shall be released “

Cam De laat , Megan Marshall and Solomon, will be sharing with us their music. Check it out on myspace.com/klaxonnez


Saturday April 29th Cocaine Kareoke V----Good God , Old skeea, soul , dirty funk….Always end the month with a BANG!


HEY MUSIC LOVER    .. every  Sunday evening we will be showing some rare rock footage at the bar. These include stones, kinks 1971, funkadelic, 1981 prince, thin lizzy 1980, Bowie’s floor show, James Brown ’68  right after Martin luther king died, Sly stone vs Mohammed Ali., Jobim, Zakir Hussain, Stray Cats, Stax in London, and many more


Much love

Tania and Russ




Note : the 2 bdrm apartment/studio/ office space in our building is for rent as of June 1st. All inclusive , hardwood floors and a parking spot. $900

Pass it on

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[30 Mar 2006|05:19pm]


I have a ticket to the "I CAN'T WAIT TO PARTY" party this Friday March 31at the Docks Nightclub that i'm not gonna use
Tickets are $15 in advance, more at the door

The Docks Nightclub is 11 Polson Street, Toronto
and there will be shuttle busses from Union Station

Free MAC samples and glamour shots and CD samplers


I'll let mine go for $10
Please take it off my hands
email me xenophobia000@hotmail.com or comment on this entry

you can even haggle with the price if you like..


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Cheap drinks & eats [18 Mar 2006|08:23pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Hey there!

A posse of us folks from Buffalo State College are gonna be in your fair city for the next couple days. Give us tips on where the cheap beer is at; we're all anthropology majors, and as such we're an awfully thirsty bunch... And any cheap places to eat (besides the usual chain crap) would be great, especially someplace that at least has a vegan option on the menu. (I mean, I could settle for veggie dogs from street vendors as every meal of the day, but yaknow, it'd be nice to have a sit-down option...) Chinese, Thai/Vietnamese, Indian food a plus.

It's not that none of us have been to Toronto before. It's that every time we have been, we end up drinking and/or eating at a tourist trap. Eww. Please tell me it's possible to drink at a place where it doesn't cost $5 per Molson. FIVE BUCKS FOR A MOLSON. JESUS. Please tell me that ain't normal. It would also be great to find a bar or pub that serves local microbrewed beer.

Similar inquiries have been x-posted all over the place; sorry 'bout that...

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